As You See It! 2019 winners

A man in Engawala completing a survey sitting in a wheelbarrow

Submissions of photos have now closed

What do you see when you think of Science, Health and Medicine? A microscope or lab coat? A rocket launcher or a chemical reaction? Or the ANU campus where you studied and learned your craft? ANU would like to see Science, Health and Medicine As You See It!

The ANU Science, Health and Medicine photography competition is on again in 2019 and will showcase each of our 12 school’s research areas through your eyes and your photographs. As You See It! winning photos will feature in the ANU Science, Health and Medicine annual calendar.

ANU alumni, current staff and current students are eligible and encouraged to submit photos into the competition.

A selection committee will shortlist images, and the top four (4) images then go to a public vote. Twelve winning pictures representing the research area of each school will be selected.

Competition categories include:

  • ANU Medical School
  • Australian Centre for Public Awareness in Science
  • Fenner School of Environment and Society
  • John Curtin School of Medical Research
  • Mathematical Sciences Institute
  • Research School of Astronomy and Astrophysics
  • Research School of Biology
  • Research School of Chemistry
  • Research School or Earth Sciences
  • Research School of Physics and Engineering
  • Research School of Population Health
  • Research School of Psychology

We can’t wait to see Science, Health and Medicine through your eyes!

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